Web Portfolio

  I have my web portfolio broken into several sections. I give some background and explanation of the services rendered. Some do repeat because they apply to more than one category.
  Web Design Portfolio   Web Site ReDesign
  Web Portfolio: Web sites that I personally designed and completely created with the customers' input.   ReDesign: Web sites I redesigned from an original on the facial as well as the backside in some cases. Customers may purchase templates and need customization to fit their needs.
  Contract Work & Maintenance   Maintenance
  Contract Work & Maintenance: I have been hired by several different companies to work on group projects. In many cases, I have been provided with a PhotoShop layout, text, graphics and I create the vision on the web.   Maintenance: I have clients that require regular upgrades to their web sites to keep it current. Some of my clients prefer to work on their own web sites but need assistance in more complex upgrades and additions.