Gallery Portfolio Examples

I collect Royalty free websites awaiting your information for your new web site. Each one has a theme but all can be modified to suit your needs.
Sweeley's Design Shop
This is my wedding flower design web site. A javascript slideshow with changing effects plays in the main window on the home page. Secondary pages showing thumbnails communicationg with the main photo window.

  Tiny Slider

The Tiny Slider has a continuous auto play with options to go to the next image with left or right arrows as well as the numbered boxes on the bottom left. Javascript.
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  Tiny Slider 2

The Tiny Slider2 is a variation of Tiny Slider. A smooth transition from the last image to the beginning image. Auto Play button in a different position. Javascript.


Web page of thumbnails. When clicking on any, a lightbox of the image is enlarged with the thumbnails faded in the background. User can go forward, back or close from larger image. Javascript.

Galleriffic with rollover thumbnails with larger image appearing on right. Nice easing in effects. JQuery.

  Galleriffic 2

A variation of of Galleriffic showing thumbnails at top. Moveable scroller to next set of thumbnails. JQuery.

  Gallery Classic

Gallery Classic with moveable thembnail scroller. Large images slide in. JQuery.


Auto slide show with interesting transitions between images.. JQuery.

Flash Site

A photographer's portfolio site I made completely in flash.