The Process


STEP ONE: Determining Your needs.

  • Are you looking to create a web presence for the first time or upgrade your present web site?
  • Updating photos, layout or information
  • Adding some customized extras
  • You've tried to do it yourself but now the pages are inconsistent - things just aren't going where you placed them
  • You have some experience but require further training to get it going

STEP TWO: Gathering Information and Analysis

I prefer to meet my clients face to face to evaluate and discuss the potential options. Sometimes this is not available - perhaps, phone, email or skype.

STEP THREE: Formulating the Plan

After gathering of information I go to the phase of formulating the plan. I put together written and/or verbal outline of my suggestions and solutions for your site. However, this step involves a client's input.

STEP FOUR: First Design Draft (for new sites or skip to step five)

With information and site map in hand, I can start to design your website. I define the look and feel, style of your website. The most important element is a target audience, I follow these directions when I draft one or more prototypes. This way you can choose a prototype and suggest in which direction you would like to go.

STEP FIVE: Development of the Plan

This phase involves the coding and development of applications for the site or putting a work plan into action for improving or adding to a section of your web site.

STEP SIX: Delivery

This phase involves the delivery of finished product-website. This is the final touch and it also includes the testing of the website: Probing the functionality, optimization and code validation. Once you approve the final product then the website can be uploaded and launched.