Adding Your Video To The Web

  Adding video to your web site should be a painless endeavor. I prefer
using flash as a progressive download but have been looking into jquery and html5. You may have a video of your own, may want to link or download from YouTube, have several you may want set up as a video playlist or need help with a simple construction of images, video clips
and /or music. See some of our samples below.
  • Embedded Code from YouTube
  • Embedded video from your server
  • Video Playlist
  • Slideshow with fade effects
  • Music, Voice or other Sounds alone without video
    Embed Video from YouTube
A documentary in progress
by Mark J Gordon
Awakening in Taos
  Single Video   Downloaded Embedded Video with Play Button
This is an embedded video with a button to start play.
See it in action
  Video Playlist   Video Playlist in html5
Several videos able to play in one window. The user clicks on any thumbnail for that video to play in main window area instead of having several separate videos on the page.
See it in action
  Video slideshow with fades and music   Video Slideshow with Fade effects and Music
A video slideshow I created for a local photographer with transition fades and music, uploaded to vimeo and code embedded in website.
See it in action